The Indian Chapter of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR (IC)) was started in 1989 by Dr M. Sarada Menon, the ever enthusiastic lifeline of WAPR in India. The first president of WAPR (IC) was Dr P. S. Gopinath. He was instrumental in developing the basic foundation for psychosocial rehabilitation in India.

WAPR (IC) has grown over the years, and its main agenda is to provide to all stakeholders a platform to voice their concerns about relevant issues concerning the long term care of the mentally ill. It also strives to pave the way for advocacy for mental health care, develop policy and create awareness about mental illness.

WAPR (IC) is currently spread across the country and has been active in training mental health professionals and conducting awareness programmes in psychosocial rehabilitation. It has conducted three national conferences. Apart from hosting the Tenth WAPR World Congress in 2009.

The members of this organisation include health care professionals, consumers and their family members and other organisations working in the area of mental health. The organisation has started publishing newsletters from 2011.

The membership application form can be downloaded from the link below: