WAPR India Foundation

The WAPR India Foundation was registered as a Charitable Trust, as an adjunct to the WAPR (IC) on 26th March 2010 at Bangalore. The Registered office of the trust is “Ushakirana” 406-A/10, 7th Main Road, II Block Jayanagara, Bangalore 560011.

The primary objectives of the WAPR India Foundation are: Work primarily for the cause of persons with Mental Illness as advocacy efforts, foster research projects, encourage education programme and the use of Public Media to inform the general public of the problems; needs and rights of the mentally ill; to provide donations to institutions for holding seminars and conferences for the advancement of the objectives of the foundation; take steps for promoting, protecting, supporting, encouraging or opposing legislative or other measure that may adversely affect the interest of persons with psychiatric disability and others. The Foundation works with WAPR (IC) and other agencies to achieve the objectives of the Foundation and the WAPR (IC).

The WAPR India Foundation has obtained certificate under section 12AA R/w Section 12AA(1) (b)(i) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 from the Department of Income Tax, Bangalore in November 2010.

There are 11 Trustees, who are primarily the members of the WAPR (IC).

The following are the Trustees:

1.Dr.Mathew Varghese – President;
2. Dr. T. Murali – Vice President;
3. Dr. V.K.Radhakrishnan –Secretary;
4. Mr. M.S.Vasudeva Murthy – Treasurer.
5. Dr. Alok Sarin, New Delhi,
6. Dr. Mohan Isaac, Bangalore,
7. Mr. Michael Bastian, Bangalore,
8. Dr. B.R. Ravi Shankar Rao, Bangalore,
9. Dr. G. Gopalakrishnan, Trichy,
10. Capt. B. Johan Samuhanand, Bangalore,
11. Dr. G. Swaminath, Bangalore.