Indian Chapter

WAPR (Indian Chapter) is the Indian arm of the global not-for-profit organisation, WAPR. It was started by Dr M. Sarada Menon in India in 1989, and pioneered psychosocial rehabilitation in India. It is now registered as a not-for profit organisation in India too.

It aims to provide to all stakeholders a platform to voice their concerns about relevant issues concerning the long-term care of the mentally ill. It also strives to pave the way for advocacy for mental-health care, develop policy and create awareness about mental illness.

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The DIRECTORY consists of :

  • Govt Agencies and NGOs Directory on Rehab Services
  • Mental Hospitals in India: State-wise


WAPR (IC) Co-sponsor International Conference on PSR – December 2019
Please visit Here for more details.
Please visit for more details.

As you would be aware, the dates of general elections have been declared. The date of polling in Chandigarh and neighbouring states has been kept as 19th May 2019. Due to this, the Organizing Committee of the Conference and the Board Members of WAPR (IC) have discussed the issue in depth. Consequently, there is unanimous agreement that it shall not be possible and appropriate to conduct the conference on the day of polling i.e. 19th May 2019.

Hence, the 6th Annual Conference of WAPR (IC) has been preponed and rescheduled to 17th-18th May 2019 (i.e. Friday & Saturday).

We express our sincere apology for the inconvenience so caused.
Nevertheless, we sincerely hope that you shall join us in making this Conference a success! We welcome you to the City Beautiful i.e. Chandigarh!

Warm Regards,
Organizing Committee- 6th Annual Conference, WAPR (IC) 2019

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